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Business Development Manager with 5+ years of experience in IT outsourcing companies and 10 years in telecom B2B Enterprise companies. Sales, Business Development, B2B Corporate Sales, Negotiations, Deal Closing, Digital Marketing, Sales Process Design, Sales Team Coordination, Efficiency Management, Project Management ACHIEVEMENTS: * Developed and implemented a sales strategy with a defined ICP * Developed and implemented an annual sales plan. * Created of sales department * An implemented CRM system improved control of the transaction sales process, control of transaction closings, and conversion rates * Developed and implemented a full sales cycle system from scratch to result. * Developed the company's operational infrastructure, established financial and management accounting, * Implemented a successful lead generation strategy across key channels * Launched several marketing campaigns to attract new customers through partners. * The average amount of the annual revenue, $550 000-1М per year. Advanced English, both written and verbal. International (open-minded) mindset with strong inter-cultural literacy. Certifications: - Agile & Scrum essentials - IT Project Management Essentials So if you are interested in our partnership, just let me know.

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